PHD – Industrial Design and Direct digital manufacturing

Product Design Methods for Additive Manufacturing

The research starts with an in-depth reconnaissance of the additive technologies available on the market, and then focuses on two main aspects of Direct Digital Manufacturing: the digital model and the relationship between design and user. This first analysis has then brought to a categorization of design methods, both those already in use and those supposed to be used in the near future. In the last part of the thesis, the research suggests a first reflection on decision-making aspects, which could be in sight, together with the diffusion of Direct Digital Manufacturing, and which will involve issues such as environmental design, social value in developing countries and sustainable energy.




IUAV - Scuola di Dottorato - Scienze del Design


Giovanni Crosera, prof. Giovanni Anceschi, prof. Raimonda Riccini, prof. Medardo Chiapponi (supervisor)